Personal Information

When you are using TRSMiCloud, the company is allowed to access the contact list, photos and documents that are stored on your mobile device when you exchange this form of data with other contacts.

The data collected by TRSMiCloud is used for the purpose of creating a better operating application.

When using TRSMiCloud, you agree to the terms and conditions of this application, which entails: the right of access and display of all media (such as: photos, video, recordings, etc.) content that the user uploads, sends, and exchanges with TRSMiCloud, for the purpose of better operating the TRSMiCloud services.

What is the Information Collected Used for?

TRSMiCloud collects your information to ensure that you are a real person, which will allow access to all the services provided by the TRSMiCloud application. The data is also used to create your user account with the use if the accurate data you have provided.

  • Photos and Other Files: These files are temporarily stored. TRSMiCloud can only access the media content you send via the application itself over text messages.
  • Contact List: TRSMiCloud will automatically import your contact list from your phone’s address book. Currently available on Android and iOS.
  • -Audio, Video Recordings and Text Messages: These files are temporarily stored, when you make TRSMiCloud calls. TRSMiCloud will never read, listen, or view your private voice, video or other text content.

How is Your Data Stored and Protected?

Using the TLS encryption protocol, your personal information is transmitted over the internet and stored on SIP servers and datacenters.

The server used is secured through a variety of security measures to ensure safety of your personal information when you enter, submit, edit, or have general access to your personal information/account.

Is any data disclosed to outside parties?

TRSMiCloud will not sell, transfer or trade your personal information, data or any other type of information you may upload or send via your TRSMiCloud application (such as: text messages and conversations, phone calls, any other media files, etc.) to outside parties.

How do you access your information?

In order to access your personal information, please feel free to email us at

Consent and Agreement

By using the TRSMiCloud application, you provide your consent to our website privacy policy.

Changes to Privacy Policy:

Any changes that occur to our Privacy Policy will be posted to this page.

Contact Us:

If any questions arise regarding our privacy policy, please feel free to contact us directly at: (866) 322-7544