Using softphone on a Mac

Step 1

Visit our website And scroll down to bottom and find out the apple icon

Click on the link to download the TRSMicloud App.

Step 2

After Downloading you will see .pkg

Step 3

Click Right on the downloaded file

Step 4

Click on the Open

Step 5

Click on the Open to open the installer

Step 6

The Install Screen Prompt up on your screen. Click Continue

Step 7

Click on the Install

Step 8

If everything goes Ok. You will find this screen on your Mac

Step 9

Inside the Applications right click on the TRSMicloud and Hit Open

Step 10

After Installation, You will see first screen as Assisstant Setup

Step 11

Select the option Manually Configuration

Step 12

Enter the Login information provided you by email

Call Technical Support +1 866.322.7544

Step 13

Installation Successfull.

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