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Use of any phone number

A toll free number is of crucial benefit to a business. It gives your customers the opportunity to contact you at no cost. Toll free numbers are often used for customer service, or support lines, but have many other additional functionalities.

Phone Features

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Local Numbers

Having a local business number provides great benefits. Using our mobile app, your enterprise can receive a local phone number from anywhere in the USA. If your current phone number is hosted by a different service provider, you can easily transfer it to us!

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Keep Your Existing Number

When you transfer your existing business phone number to our mobile app you won’t need to modify promotional materials or the phone number customers used to reach you at. You will receive all the features and perks, including the ability to forward calls anywhere on any mobile device, whether it is on the road, at home or the office.

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Customize Your Greeting Message

Your business greeting is the first impression you make on your client, so make it count! With the TRSMiCloud app, you have the ability to fully customize the department and employee extensions.

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Add Unlimited Extensions

With unlimited extensions, each employee is capable of customizing their own extension code. With each extension, you receive unlimited call forwarding, voicemail and message distribution services.

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Music On Hold

To keep your customers interested and engaged while on hold, add some musical features that our TRSMiCloud app offers. Choose between the various different musical style selections available, or upload your customized music content.

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Voicemail and Fax to Email

We value flexibility and we understand that you might not always be next to your phone to listen to voice-messages. The TRSMiCloud app converts voice messages into MP3 audio and WAV files that are directly sent to you via email or multimedia messages, or if you are more of a visual individual, we have the option of fax delivery as a PDF attachment that will have the list of voice-messages displayed.

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Business SMS

We want to make sure you are always connected! For just $10 per month, you can send unlimited professional business text messages directly from the TRSMiCloud app.

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Conference Calling

With our conference calling you have the ability to virtually connect with up to 10 members. As the initiator of the conference call, you can add a new member. Simply dial their phone number. Members add to your minute count individually.

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Voice Studio

TRSMiCloud will make your business greeting sound clear and professional in our sound recording studio! To also make sure your greetings are above the industry standard, we have great voice talents with various spoken languages available, as well as on-hold commercial recordings available upon request.

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Call Forwarding

The call forwarding feature allows you to be connected with your employees wherever you go, being able to virtually reach out to any mobile device at any time. Our worldwide call forwarding feature gives you the opportunity to operate worldwide.


Call Screening

When answering a TRSMiCloud call, you have the options to: press 1 to take the call, press 2 to direct the caller to your voicemail and press 3 to voice the caller’s phone number. And while you use time effectively to decide on one of the options, the client is on-hold with the background music of your choice.

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Name Directory

Simplifying the search process. By adding your employee contact information online, callers can directly search their first and/or last name to get in touch. A name directory is usually located in a vast company phone systems and is of great benefit to your customer base as well as the overall business.

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Unlimited Call Handling

Your virtual phone system administered by TRSMiCloud allows for unlimited call handling as well as simultaneously answering multiple callers during the high call volume hours. TRSMiCloud will ensure your lines are open, so no customer will hear a busy signal.

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Call Routing Extensions

The Call Routing Extensions feature allows you to have multiple customers on hold before the next employee becomes available to take the call. An alternative option is using rotational extensions when routing the incoming calls, making sure each employee is assigned an equal amount of customer calls, which proves to be an efficient and faire method for sales centres ensuring an equal opportunity to perform the job.

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Fax on Demand

TRSMiCloud allows you to create a virtual library filled with all the necessary forms and documents a client might require. Available 24/7. This time efficient feature makes it easier for your customers to extract documents, such as: order forms, product/service description sheets, maps, and much more!

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Read Your Voicemail

No time to check your voice-messages? TRSMiCloud provides you with the right solution. For just $10 per month, our Read Your Voicemail feature allows you have voice-messages transcribed and sent to you via email as readable text, making sure you stay connected even if you do not have access to the MP3 file of the voice-messages.

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Store Hours and Directions

With an information extension, your customers will have access to vital information at all times! A perfect place to notify your customers about store hours, product and service description, business location, and much more!